My Road

by Desert Road

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released July 8, 2011

My Road was recorded on November of 2010 in Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Leonardo Fuster |
Art cover concept and design by Matías Taubas Oyola.
Music and lyrics written by Matias Taubas Oyola.
Drums by Lisandro Diaz Dorigatti.

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Desert Road Argentina

Desert Road was founded on year 2008 by Matías Taubas Oyola, Whom is responsible for developing the artistic and musical aspects of the project, along with Lisandro Díaz Dorigatti, whom entered both as drummer as well as co-founder of the band.

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Track Name: Desert
The route seems endless from here
a myriad o' white lines on the road
Fire oasis within the desert
sun blastin the earth and iron melts.

Sands dance above the dark river
They burn my feet, as if arrived from hell itself
The infinite kinds of green spines 'round my arms
I'm part of the landscape now. I'm desert burning down in flames.

Ravens fly above my head
In the air the chipping of rodents is felt.

I am son of the sun and the moon
Driving my life at 200 miles per hour
The road is part of me, and I am part of it
I only hope for the acid rain to put out the fire.

In the sky, Gods appear to be smoking
The smoke accumulates and rains down
Great lightnings of pleasure strike me
The mistress of my sick dreams is near.

Ravens fly above my head
In the air the chipping of rodents is felt
Going above me like short-stay visitors
Velocity in their souls I see. It's the origin of their being.
Track Name: Leave Away
I can no longer stand your ábsence
You fail to satisfy my desires
Even if I try, I know, it’s in vain
I feel myself fading away in my sandstorm.

Your eyes seem so distant - and I do know they gaze not at me
Distraught you find yourself, your mind 'n an uncertain future
I need your fire and that is why I do try hard
Yet even then you dare go away.

You disappear, just disappear
You go away, and you don't come back
Just go, leave me here
Stay away - you'll realize when it's too late.

Lighting tobacco I imagine that you are like the smoke
Which goes to where one never knows. Unknown places.
Fucked up depression, you bear the mark of the route in your body
Rivers of sand, your hair reflects the dark side of the sun

Electric whirlwinds crackle through my mind
Boils within the anger and powerlessness
I shall not be the one to guide your fate
The cards were played, and I was not at the table.

Track Name: My Road
I'm driving with my girl outta town
she's driving me out of my mind
I'm going with my girl on the road
She's pale, so cold and dry

She is my road
for her i will die
She is my world
with er i will...i could die
with er i could die.


I'm going so fast with her, far away from the night
She's crying and getting away from me
I'm driving with my girl at three hundred miles per hour
She's dying, so close and shining.

Chorus x2